Folklore Ensemble Linđo, founded in 1965, is a unique cultural brand of Dubrovnik, which in Croatia and abroad represents a rich traditional culture, musical and dance heritage of the Dubrovnik region and Croatia. Representative, but always authentic, Linđo has left an inerasable mark in the cultural history of the city, in numerous photographs, memories of visitors and tourists, and in the memories of those who lived for it and were inextricably tied to it.

Since 1967, Folklore Ensemble Linđo has ruled the dance scene of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and is an essential part of its program. Excellent cooperation and mutual respect and friendship between these two Dubrovnik cultural institutions is still present. Standing alongside the professional ensembles of Lado, Tanec and Kolo, Linđo’s young dancers and musicians have managed to preserve freshness and immediacy, as well as to determine the way of the ensemble that fosters the idea of authentic folklore, as the Zagreb School of Folklore has set. This is how Folklore Ensemble Linđo, as some music critics have recorded, alongside with the mentioned ensembles, became the fourth folklore force.

This ensemble owes its quality and long existence to generations of great dancers, musicians and singers, great folklore enthusiasts. In addition, Linđo was a meeting place, a place for first love, for travels and unforgettable social gatherings that left a mark in many childhoods. To be a part of Linđo meant a lot to a young person, and representing the city meant to be filled with pride, dignity and harmony. Since its foundation up to 2018, more than 3,000 members have been a part of Linđo, and on its many trips around the world, Linđo has made many impressive performances. It has also participated in many festivals and received a number of awards. One of the prominent awards is the gold medal—a golden necklace and a golden plaque at the International Folklore Festival in Dijon in 1973. In addition to regular activities, folklore and musical performances, Linđo also systematically develops the publishing activities and organizes professional and scientific seminars and lectures.